May 29, 2000

"HelloVoice", powered by UniCONN Technologies Ltd, debut in Hong Kong as the first unified messaging service that fully integrates with the telephone network. Subscribers are provided with a Hong Kong telephone number (HelloVoice Number), with which they can forward their mobile phone, home phone, etc. for telephone answering. Subscribers can also use the HelloVoice Number as their private fax line. The service is offered as a paying service, with the first two months free.

July 1, 2000

Rexall Showcase Hong Kong, the regional sales franchise of the world's leading provider of health products, has signed up to use the HelloVoice unified messaging service. With the complete repertoire of unified messaging features including the message broadcast function, the HelloVoice service is custom fit for the 10,000 plus Rexall sales representatives in Hong Kong alone.

July 6, 2000

HelloVoice has held a Press Conference on Alfred's Club located in Wan Chai. We invitated our HelloVoice Ambassadors - Miss Natalie Ng and Miss Eunis Chan. They took a little Demostration on the Press Conference.

HelloVoice provided different informative channels to our subscribers such as Interactive Nat Channel, Trendy Zone, etc. Miss Natalie Ng and Miss Eunis Chan has been our broadcasters for these channels.

The end of July, 2000

Because of increasing of HelloVoice users, the free trial period has been stopped starting from 1 August. All HelloVoice Subscribers need to follow the agreement of HelloVoice for paying monthly fee HK$25 for Standard Plan or HK$60 for Executive Plan. No basic plan can be signed up or changed from other plans anymore.

August, 2000

UniCONN provides a special discount for DaoHeng Bank - ec-card Holders. The deadline of application was 31st August, 2000.

The end of August, 2000

UniCONN promotes the HelloVoice Services through different channels of mass media such as magazines, newspapers, MTR Advertisement, etc.

UniCONN also act as one of sponsor for the Drama "War of Genders". HelloVoice also provides a special channel - "Siu Keung Channel", for providing inside news on Miss Mo, Ah Lok, Siu Keung and others all behind the stage.

September 2 - 3, 2000

HelloVoice has held a great Road Show on the World Trade Center on Causeway Bay. We invited the actors and actoress of "War of Genders" to join our Road Show that day.

There are some demostrations of HelloVoice Service and we accept sign up online in the Center. There are some promotion of channels such as "Japanese Hot Zone"," Interactive Nat Channel" ," Eunis Trendy Zone" ," BOSSible , I.T. Hot Jobs" , "Growth Enterprise Market Watch" , "Entertainment News Hotline" , "Food Searcher" ," Free Voice", etc...

November, 2000

HelloVoice promote the Overseas International Number. The districts are USA cities and Taiwan.

December, 2000

UniCONN provides a special discount for Hang Seng Bank - ManPower Card Holders. The deadline of application was 31st December, 2000.

December, 2000 to February,2001

UniCONN start to develop Hotline System - Infoline for the small to medimum enterprises, school, government departments,etc.

January, 2001

HelloVoice start to take step on Mainland China. We co-operate with China Telcom. (Shanghai office) as partner, start promote HelloVoice Service in Shanghai.

At the same time, our Overseas International Numbers also enhanced. The Shanghai HINT Numbers are also provided to our HelloVoice Subscribers.

This also our first step to go to China.

Start from March, 2001

Providing the user friendly, effective and efficient Service to our user, HelloVoice start to take research and developing on our new product - Infocast. This is one of the broadcast function for user in a real time. That helps subscribers to transfer their message in a faster way.

Start from April, 2001

HelloVoice starts to take step on developing the latest technology / product - InfoReach. Let's us wait for the outcome soon.

July, 2001

Because of the high cost on maintain USA International Number, the USA HINT Number of HelloVoice will be suspened start from the end of July. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

September 12 - 15, 2001

HelloVoice held "The 12th Asian Information Technologies Exhibition on The Exhibition Center of WanChai.

There are some famous International Telcom and High-Tech Companies also held Exhibition. UniCONN also had a booth to demonstrate, promote different HelloVoice Services, Talk and Briefing, Souvnairs distributed,etc.

Thanks for coming to HelloVoice Exhibition.

November, 2001

It's a great date that for our company to rename to HelloVoice Asia Company Limited.

September, 2002

HelloVoice launch new plan - fax plan to our clients. The newly launched "Fax plan" offers clients efficiency and convenience.




Press Conference
The 12th Asian Information Technologies Exhibition