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Fax Service of Infobox is one of HelloVoice Infobox service. Our system will provide a hellovoice Number to the subscriber. User will have a fax number and this number helps user to receive their fax messages anytime, anywhere. (24 hours, 7 days).


Basic Features
Receive Fax

10 mb

Browser Access

Message Notification–Mobile Phone

Telephone Access

Forward Fax message to other email address

-- Receive Fax

User can apply our fax service in the Hong Kong. After user apply the service, he/she will get a unique HelloVoice for his/her private use.

-- Capacity

User can maximum receive 25 pages and total mailbox capacity is 10 mb.

-- Browser Access

After user get his/ her unique hellovoice number, they can receive their fax message from our web page They can use their hellovoice number and password to login on web. Then, those received fax message will be saved as *.tif file. User can view their fax on their imaging program, which installed with Windows.

-- Message Notification - Mobile Phone

After user get fax message, our system will ring user's mobile for notify them to get their message from HelloVoice. User can modify the notification schedule in order to suit their need on web.

-- Telephone Access

User can use their fax machine dial to our access number to retreive their fax message through this fax machine. Also, they can set their mailbox profile such as telephone notification function.

-- Forward Fax message to other Email Address

User can forward their fax message to the other email address. Those forwarded fax messages will go to client's Trash folder automatically for 14 days and user will not get any mobile notification.

For operation details, please go to "HELP" and download "User Guide for Hellovoice User - Fax Infobox".

All these are available at a low monthly fee. If you want to subscribe or know more about other Infobox Services, please call 3005 8888 press 8 for enquiries. Also, you can send email to .

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