Infocast is an information broadcasting service targeted for companies and professional service providers. It allows, the broadcaster, to record a voice message and broadcast to a group of members simultaneously and instantaneously.

By subscribing to the Infocast , the broadcasters are provided with a dedicated telephone number to be used as the "Broadcast Group Number". The broadcaster can call this number any time and record a voice message to be broadcasted to a group of members. The broadcasters establish the broadcast group by asking their users to call their Broadcast Group Number to sign up automatically. Or they can create a broadcast member list through web access.

When the broadcaster broadcasts a message, all members will receive a call from our system. When they answer the call, they can listen to the broadcasted message. Their members have the option to temporarily disable the message broadcasting from the broadcaster.

Additional Features

Member voice message ---

It allow member to reply message to the broadcaster, those reply message will remain in the mailbox of broadcaster to retrieve in their free time.

Covering Area ---

The broadcast group can include members in other countries. Just sign up for an international Broadcast Group Number, and the same message will be broadcasted to the users in that country simultaneously. We currently support this application in Hong Kong, Taipei, Shanghai.

Broadcasting Group ---

All broadcasters can customize the InfoCast group to form a communication circle, such as allowing all broadcasters to broadcast among themselves.

IVRS Function---

Our innovative IVRS function allows broadcasters to broadcast a message with IVRS reply function in order to generate a detailed report with structural datum.


InfoCast presents a new way of communication that is efficient and effective.

Our reliable system and experienced technical staff ensure that the service is always up and running, all hassle-free to you.

Our advanced technology and large-scale telephone network enable the broadcasters' messages to reach their member group with minimal delay.

All these are available at a low monthly fee. To subscribe, please call our Sales Department at 31503100 , or send email to

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