Infoline is an information hot-line service targeted for companies and professional service providers. It allows you, the provider, to offer large scale, high-quality information bureau service to your customers without hefty cost in equipment, telephone facilities, and IT staff payroll.

By subscribing to the Infoline service, you are provided with a dedicated telephone number to be used as your company hot-line. You can use the number as is, or forward your existing company number to it. The information can be a voice recording or a fax document. Your customers can now call in to obtain information about your company, products, or services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Multiple information messages can be posted and accessed by pressing different telephone keypad digits, providing an easy-to-use information tree for your customers. For example:

" Welcome to XYZ company.

For product information, press 1.

For pricing, press 2.

For payment method, press 3."

You can update the information any time with the convenience of a telephone or a fax machine. Just call in to your dedicated number and make a new recording, or send in a new fax document.

Optional Features

Client's voice messages ---

You can allow your customers to record an inquiry or response after listening to the information. These are stored as voice messages for you to retrieve.

Usage Report ---

Reports providing information about date and time of calls, duration, and callers' telephone numbers (through Caller ID).


You can offer 24-7 information bureau service normally only provided by large organizations.

Our reliable system and experienced technical staff ensure that the service is always up and running, all hassle-free to you.

Our large-scale telephone network means you will not lose customer inquiry due to line busy or unanswered calls.

We have a demo infoline mailbox , this are welcomed for interested person to dial in, the infoline number is 31503110.

All these are available at a low monthly fee. To subscribe, please call our Sales Department at 31503100 , or email to

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