InfoReach is a broadcast tool helps our clients to broadcast a voice or fax message to a large group of people. Our clients no need to dial to different number one by one and talk the same things. Have you feel that it is annoying to talk the same message for different people at the same time? If yes, our new product -- InfoReach can help you.

If you have hundreds or thousands telephone number and want to send a voice message or fax message to these numbers automatically, our product HelloVoice - InfoReach can help you. You can go to through browser to set the details record after being a HelloVoice subscriber.
Then, you can broadcast your message to the list of people automatically.


-- Increase Competition power

You can broadcast the latest news or promotion details through HelloVoice - InfoReach to your clients in a short period of time. Then, they can know your company information.

-- Save Money

You no need to spend such high cost on developing hardware or software. You can enjoy great saving in operating costs. In addition, your staff can be utilized to handle other important matters for your business.

All these are available at a low monthly fee. To subscribe, please call our Sales Department at 31503100 , or email to

Attention: Please ensure the distribution list is the one who accept your broadcast message. Our company does not bare any responsibilities caused by Unsolicited Fax or Voice Advertisement from InfoReach User. InfoReach User needs to bare the whole responsibilities according our company policy.

Payment of Inforeach ...