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故障通告 Service Interruption Notice (6) :

於 2020 年 7月 1 日 上午 9 時至 12 時 因系統故障問題, 至令部份客戶於該段時不能接收傳真, 不便之處, 本公司謹此致歉. 本公司正在盡快修復, 如有問題, 可至電 59467598 或 電郵 support@hellovoice.com

Due to an un-forseeable technical problem, Some of our customer cannot receive their fax from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm, 1st Jul 2020. We applogize for any inconvinence caused, for further information , please contact our support at Tel: 59467598 or email to support@hellovoice.com